Roland's Cavern
Feeling a little nostalgic, are we? Well, me too. I was reminiscing, and I noticed that the domain had lapsed, and well... you know how it is.

Here's are the links to the little I could find still online referencing Roland's Cavern and its counterpart, After the Cataclysm. They're a little worse for the wear, but they're still hanging on by a thread. These are the two sides of our (estranged) family, past animosities aside.

What's that? Which of these Caverns was the "real" one?

Tsk, tsk. Haven't you learned by now? The answer is both and neither. Both in that they both embodied, in their own way, the spirit of the Cavern. Neither in that because in diverging in anger, they forgot what it meant to be Cavernites.

Consider this my tribute to what we once were. For my part in our past joy, I am thankful. For my part in our eventual dissolution, well... my sincere regrets. Consider this page a tribute to what we were at our best.

Remember the Cavern with love.

A Cavernite.
KD Mun's Cavern
After the Cataclysm
Rolands Cavern (WBS)